[Dshield] Per-to-peer networking for a valid cause? Inexpensive? Effectiveness? Risks?

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Thu Oct 30 20:09:49 GMT 2003

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Thursday, October 30, 2003 8:49 PM UTC+2: on behalf of: Brenden Walker

| I'll take SpamAssassin and Vipuls Razor (and all the other open
| source free stuff) over this anyday.

Brenden, et al.

Thanks for the feedback.

The press release I cited in fact mentions that "Cloudmark's SpamNet"
initiated as "Vipul's Razor".

(Cloudmark was founded by CTO Jordan Ritter, also co-founder of Napster,
and Vipul Ved Prakash, chief scientist and author of Vipul's Razor.)


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