[Dshield] New virus/remake of Win32.Rightu.A

Ruigrok van der Werven, Jeroen Jeroen.Ruigrok at t-mobile.nl
Fri Oct 31 11:09:43 GMT 2003


we have a virus here which didn't get picked up by our McAfee virusscanner.

To those who want it, reply and I'll send you a copy.

What I discovered is that the executable has been packed with UPX or

Does anyone know of an unpacker which doesn't run the executable?

I've seen that it replaced netwatch.exe in C:\Windows with an UPX'd
executable and gets instantly started.  It is readily viewable in

The email it uses to spread itself with is:

Hello Dear!,

Finally i've found possibility to right u, my lovely girl :) All our photos
which i've made at the beach (even when u're without ur bh:)) photos are
great! This evening i'll come and we'll make the best SEX :)

Right now enjoy the photos.
Kiss, James.

It seems to be classified by some people as the Win21.Rightu.A virus,
could this be a new strain?  Given the fact that it has been known since
July/August this year.

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