[Dshield] Submitted or Not?

Greg Parrott wparrott1 at nc.rr.com
Fri Oct 31 20:12:19 GMT 2003

Interesting.  I run two SonicWalls for my volunteer fire department and have
the devices send reports to a forwarding e-mail address that in turn
forwards to me and to DShield.  No problems with that setup that I have been
able to detect.


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> Hey Dave,  Pleased to see you have joined us.  :)
> I am also sending data from a sonicwall, but had some problems with
> direct.  I set the sonic up to email the reports to me and I then forward
> them to Dshield.  I know this is a pain, but it is a short term fix.  I am
> going to work on sending direct again some time in the future.  Maybe
> if someone gives you some good info on how to fix it.  Deb
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> I run a network with 11 nodes. All use Sonicwalls. I have I Sonicwall
> Pro200 and 10 Sonicwall SOHO3. When My logs are submitted via
> You did not submit any reports for 2003-10-30.
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