[Dshield] Trouble Verifying Signature on DShield Block List

Johannes Ullrich jullrich at euclidian.com
Mon Sep 1 12:54:43 GMT 2003

Not exaactly sure yet why the signature is not generated correctly
sometimes. I verified that there is a problem, but I haven't been able
to reproduce it yet.

On Mon, 2003-09-01 at 08:40, George Theall wrote:
> I have a cron job that periodically retrieves the DShield block list,
> verifies the signature, and uses that to update a firewall four times a
> day.  The script I'm using has been working well for several months. 
> Starting sometime on August 28th, though, the script has been failing to
> verify the signature -- it reports 'BAD signature from "DShield.org
> (Block List) <blocklist at dshield.org>"' using DSA key id A32BC885. 
> Further, the problem is sporadic -- verification failed from 8/28 at
> 1220 until 8/30 at 0020, failed again 8/30 at 1920, and then failed from
> 8/31 at 1220 until now. 
> Is anyone else experiencing this? Or does anyone have an idea what's
> happening?
> George
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