[Dshield] Pattern in SoBig attacks?

Doug White doug at clickdoug.com
Mon Sep 1 15:09:50 GMT 2003

I suggest that was a local networking problem, as here is Texas, there has been
no let up at all.
I am still getting an incredible quantity of ICMP (Pings) and port 135 probes.
The majority of them are coming from my own ISP's net block, with about 25% from
outside the network.
One statistic I have noticed is that there was a reduction in spam, exploiting
these proxies for a 48 hour period this weekend (CST), however, since 6 PM
Sunday evening through the current time, there has been an increase in spam on
an order of magnitude of 600% increase.

Another observation is that I have a mix of Linux and Windows servers on my
small network, and the Windows boxes are getting less than 10% of the probes
than the Linux boxes are.  (I have Snort on all of them)  I am now blocking
pings (Port 0) at the border router, and will add Port 135 sometime today.

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| There was another almost attack-free one hour period from 1100-1200
| Pacific time on sunday. This seems to match the one hour hole last
| sunday.
| Is anybody else collecting statistics that confirm this?
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