[Dshield] Overreaction?

DAN MORRILL dan_20407 at msn.com
Mon Sep 1 15:46:09 GMT 2003

if they are blocking in bound, they are totally not blocking out bound. I 
see AOL on my seattle based IDS system daily, mostly proxy and msblast, some 
sql slammer events, plus it is the weekend, lots of kiddo's out there having 
a pile of fun and clogging up bandwidth.

Hope this helps.

Sometimes MSN E-mail will indicate that the mesasge failed to be delivered. 
Please resend when you get those, it does not mean that the mail box is bad, 
merely that MSN mail is over worked at the time.

Otherwise, hope things are going well.

>From: Alan Frayer <afrayer at frayernet.com>
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>To: General DShield Discussion List <list at dshield.org>
>Subject: [Dshield] Overreaction?
>Date: 01 Sep 2003 11:02:51 -0400
>I'm reading reports that AOL has blacklisted a large number of ISP IPs
>because the IPs have been found to be sending virus/worm material.
>Can anyone confirm this, and does anyone else think, if true, this was
>an overreaction on AOL's part?
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