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David Hart DavidHart at TQMcube.com
Mon Sep 1 17:41:04 GMT 2003

Since this is OT, please respond off-list. This is an extremely
knowledgeable list so let me ask the following:

Using Linux with Evolution makes gpg idiot-proof. Therefore I'm
unfamiliar with most of the inner workings of PGP.

One of the Boards that I am a member of has a tendency to approve
matters with e-mail votes. I'm trying to introduce digital
signatures just to thwart the unlikely, but potential, challenge.
This is, perhaps, the most computer illiterate group of
executives on the planet.

Therefore, implementation requires no software or plug-ins to install. I
need to create, sign and publish a key on my machine for each Director.
No problem so far.

Where I am running into difficulty is trying to figure out what to
send them to use as a signature or attachment to their messages
since none of them will have GPG or PGP installed on their machines.
Ideally, I want to create a PGP signature that they can either attach to
the email in question or incorporate into a mail client signature file.
I THINK that they can handle that.

Again, Evolution does this for me automatically so I'm at a


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