[Dshield] Citibank Followup

Blanchard, Joe BLANCHAJ at bsci.com
Wed Sep 3 15:37:13 GMT 2003

Yep, it was pretty crafty. I contacted Citibank last Sat. when
I received a copy. They seemed to already know about this.
The interesting thing was that the content of the email, ok
html, all pointed to what appeared to be valid CitiBank graphics
using <img src="http://validbankdomain.com/banners> 
Just one more reason Not to use html as an email format. 


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I have to say, if you were not a suspicious user, this would fool you pretty
well. Looking at the source of the email I only see one line that redirects
the data, otherwise it gathers all its other parts from Citibank's site

The one line I reference is
<td align="center">
 <form action="" method="get">

Which comes back to:
77-5 choongangdong4ga choongkoo
South Korea

You always wonder how many people actually fall for this, since it is a
official looking site. But it  just comes down to the old warning, never
give your password. Or credit information out unless you initiated the

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