[Dshield] So Big variations

Kenneth Coney superc at visuallink.com
Wed Sep 3 19:28:22 GMT 2003

On one of my dummy email accounts I set the filters to box all mails with an
attachment named details.  I note that the emails are of varying sizes.  One
tennis shop has apparently sent me several variations of the same basic
infection.  They come in the following sizes.., 1K, 3K (I wonder if these
are the variations we have all seen which are empty or missing when
opened?), 97K, 98K, 99K, 100K, 101K and 102K.  Has anyone else noticed these
size variations and has anyone explored them to see what the differences
are?  I lack the skill and software to open them myself safely, but I am
sure others have such and have looked at them.  Just curious.


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