[Dshield] paper about port blocking

warpmedia warpmedia at comcast.net
Thu Sep 4 02:17:10 GMT 2003

Go right ahead and block everything. I'll be one of the 1st to scream and 
help any hacker I can take retribution against the "powers that be". Fix 
the problems, not break the connection.

My phone can still be called by most anyone, If they started blocking other 
LEC's or limiting where I can call, I'll be switching phone companies. If I 
don't want to be harassed, I have caller ID and can CHOOSE not to answer. 
If the software was fixed properly, laws made about SPAM, ISP's more 
responsive to complaints, we'd have less trouble without trowing the baby 
out with the bath water.

At 16:50 9/3/2003, wbeckham wrote:
>I've lost the original link to this article - could someone resend it?
>- Wayne
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>I'm all for it.. block all the ports for consumer class except those
>necessary for 99.999999% of the population.. ie: 80, 20-21, 25, 53, 110,
>443, etc..
>The majority, if not all of the hack attacks, spam, pornography, etc..
>banging against our core routers..  comes from hs home users whom should
>not, and probably do not, have the education level to protect there data
>and/or systems.  Why should home owners be forced to buy hardware
>firewalls.. or even a software firewall solution just to stop some scumbag
>hacker or spammer?
>I truly wish/hope/pray that the IANA would declassify/reclassify porno,
>wazoo, kazoo, or whatever other type of shielded 1st Amendment garbage, into
>there own private ipv666 class... give me a choice of what "channel to use"
>and I'd gladly pay double the monthly fee.
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> > On Tuesday 02 September 2003 21:53, Johannes Ullrich wrote:
> > > I "polished" some of my arguments about blocking ports at consumer
> > > ISPs and put together a paper for the SANS reading room. If anybody
> > > is interested:
> >
> > I have a problem with this approach at a fundamental level. I pay my
> > ISP for a connection to the Internet, not the WWW. It is not their
> > place to determine how I use that connection (AUPs not withstanding).
> > Draconian measures such as those you are advocating would leave us
> > with nothing more
> > than a watered down version of the present Internet. If I wanted
> > that, I'd
> > use AOL.
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