[Dshield] paper about port blocking

warpmedia warpmedia at comcast.net
Thu Sep 4 16:51:12 GMT 2003

What is unreasonable? Saying fixing PC's is a PC tech job, not the ISP's? 
Buying a firewall? Asking that software be properly written?

  If your machine is infected, it's not you providers problem to fix, just 
to shut you off until you get it fixed by a professional. Just like if you 
HDD crashed or you got hit by lightning. In fact, I shudder at the thought 
of Comcast (or any other ISP) trying to solve a problem with my PC.

There WAS nothing wrong with my connect before the port block and 
technically there is nothing "wrong" with it now except the fact the ISP 
role has changed.

Pay for it? What the F*** do call paying $60/mo? I know T1's and the like 
cost a hell of a lot more, but I'm not hosting anything where I need that.

So you can "stuff it" yourself, sideways.

At 10:02 9/4/2003, elijah wright wrote:

> > From: warpmedia <warpmedia at comcast.net>
> > I won't pay a dime. Shut THEM down until they PAY someone to come fix
> > their problems & act as liaison to the provider to certify the problem
> > is gone. I have no bandwidth issues here, nor have I ever really had a
> > problem with outside sources as I did pay my $80 and install a HW
> > firewall (which out of the box, blocked everything needed).
> > Meanwhile I loose my ability to use certain ports (arbitrarily, I still
> > see scans from various virus on ports > 1024) as well as the ability to
> > know what is up around me.
>dude, this is totally unreasonable (as most of your comments in the last
>couple days have been).  the world doesn't work the way you think it does.
>you're on a crap-ass mainstream commercial provider (my apologies to
>anyone from comcast who's on the list), and you're just going to have to
>deal with the restrictions that they choose to impose.  if you really want
>decent connectivity, PAY FOR IT.  otherwise, stuff it.
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