[Dshield] paper about port blocking

Michael Leone loki at psu.edu
Thu Sep 4 18:59:29 GMT 2003

I use Comcast Cable at home, never had a problem except for the dumbest 
tech support on the face of this planet, and outages. Oh yeah and a cable 
modem that looks more like a sex toy. I have my router and my computers 
hooked to it, no problems. I get scans, but usually my default dmz is a 
linux box where I have netcat bound to the most scanned ports set to dump 
/dev/urandom. Although I never caught the beginning of this thread (busy 
week). I just wanted to add my pocket lint and broken mechanical pencil. 
(Sorry, I'm poor, can't afford $0.02).

At 10:02 AM 9/4/2003, you wrote:

> > From: warpmedia <warpmedia at comcast.net>
> > I won't pay a dime. Shut THEM down until they PAY someone to come fix
> > their problems & act as liaison to the provider to certify the problem
> > is gone. I have no bandwidth issues here, nor have I ever really had a
> > problem with outside sources as I did pay my $80 and install a HW
> > firewall (which out of the box, blocked everything needed).
> > Meanwhile I loose my ability to use certain ports (arbitrarily, I still
> > see scans from various virus on ports > 1024) as well as the ability to
> > know what is up around me.
>dude, this is totally unreasonable (as most of your comments in the last
>couple days have been).  the world doesn't work the way you think it does.
>you're on a crap-ass mainstream commercial provider (my apologies to
>anyone from comcast who's on the list), and you're just going to have to
>deal with the restrictions that they choose to impose.  if you really want
>decent connectivity, PAY FOR IT.  otherwise, stuff it.
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