[Dshield] FW: Microsoft Security Update

Michael Leone loki at psu.edu
Thu Sep 4 19:31:22 GMT 2003

What I don't understand is why when you purchase something, you no longer 
really own it? You don't really own the music, you don't really own the 
Operating System, You don't really own that brand new car.  Everything is 
about rights, rights management software, music codecs that protect 
copyrights, design rights, intellectual property. What about MY rights? I 
pay out my butt for Microsoft Office XP, which has more bugs that a pile of 
cow shit, and I only have a "limited" use. I get a new HDD, and I get a new 
scanner and it wants me to "Re-Activate" it. Why? I don't want Microsoft 
knowing I changed something on my computer. ITS NONE OF THEIR DAMNED 
BUSINESS. When I make a purchase, reload my computer, add a printer, change 
my CPU. Whatever, I should not have to tell Microsoft.  Luckily, my company 
to the rescue. I told the Computer Support Center, I bought a new computer 
and I need software, It will enable me to do work at home. Viola! 2 days 
later were brand new copies with licences still fresh in the plastic of 
Microsoft Office XP Corporate, Office Service Pack 2 disks, Windows XP 
Corporate, and Microsoft Visio right on my desk. Never have to activate. 
Can install on any computer I own, just as long its only installed on 1 
computer. If I remove it from one computer I can use the same license and 
the same disks to install it on a new one. Do companies have more rights 
than a general user? Or does Microsoft know if they pissed off the 
companies they would go down the tubes? But its okay to screw the little 
guy right?

It used to be that, "you can use this for free, unless if you make money 
from it, than you have to give me a piece of the action". I liked that 
approach, it was fair. I also like messing with source code to fix all the 
stupid errors in most mainstream programs. And this Ad ware bullcrap sets 
me off the deep end. But that's a separate rant that I would have to get 
really good and drunk to start spattering off.

At 02:05 PM 9/4/2003, you wrote:
>rant reply
>I agree with most of your points about Joe Sixpack and his used computer 
>with no
>original disks.
>However, if one has been following all the publicity over the past couple of
>years, they will see that it is Microsoft's position that anyone using their
>software without a license key or CDROM (with license key) is using pirated
>software.  This is not to say I agree with their position, because I don't.
>The end result is the same, however, as this forces a number of connected
>systems vulnerable to infection, which causes pain to all of us who are
>licensed, patched, and up to date.
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