[Dshield] Help on Finding contacts at domains

John D. lists at webcrunchers.com
Fri Sep 5 21:28:23 GMT 2003

>John,  According to the information from the dshield database and their
>support page their abuse email address is abuse at illinois.net.  It appears
>that Illinois Communication Network actually provides service for the school
>districts as well as the government agencies in Illinois.   

I just had the same problem with ivytech.edu,  where some student's machine was infected,  and was sending me 600 copes of the SoBig per day.

As usuall,  few institutions like to keep their "whois" data up to date,  and it took me hours to trace down the right department,  but I FINALLY located them.   Of course I pointed out they had not updated their "whois" data,  and it should be attended to.

A few hours later,  the emails stopped,  but yes,  you will more often then not run into bad or bogus whois info.   At least,  it's not deliberately bogus like all the spammers do.


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