[Dshield] Linksys Logging Question

Keith Bergen keith at keithbergen.com
Sat Sep 6 13:20:46 GMT 2003

I cannot speak for all Linksys routers, but mine only logs TCP connections,
and only does so by syslog. I don't think that it does any UDP, and
definitely not any ICMP. I use the Kiwi Syslogd, and it works well, although
recently my automatic send to DShield seems to have stopped (I think I broke

I'm not sure what you mean by "maintaining privacy while submitting these
logs". Are you worried about revealing information about your network? You
are submitting them by email, so it's not real private by nature. I believe
that once the logs get to Dshield, you are the only person in the public
that can see them.

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I am using a Linksys router with Kiwi Syslog service and have the following
questions regarding submission to DShield:

1. Am I right in assuming that Linksys only performs SNMP trap logging and
does not do any UDP, standard-based syslogging? 2. What measures are advised
and commonly used in maintaining privacy while still submitting these logs?

Thank you all!

Alfie Ameer
Systems Engineering
Sunray Network Solutions

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