[Dshield] Upsurge in SoBig?

Doug White doug at clickdoug.com
Sat Sep 6 16:12:14 GMT 2003

I am seeing a significant increase in spam routed through IP numbers that have
been hitting me on port 135.

Does this mean that these IP numbers have been made into unwitting proxy servers
due to infection by the SoBig.F Worm and that the spammers are now starting to
exploit them?

I am also being hammered by SoBig infected emails crafted as bounces, but from a
few (about 20) sources.
The origin is spoofed in the email headers, but I have been tracking the source
IP numbers via the mail logs on the server.  A couple of these are trying to
deliver infected emails at the rate of 50 per hour.   So far I have been able to
block most of the  IP numbers at the firewall, but it does seem to be a growing
menace again.

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| I've seen a significant upsurge in apparent SoBig infected email since
| about 2:00am PDT.
| At 8:00 PDT, I've 145 "new" email filtered by procmail, all of which
| seem to be SoBig infected :-/
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