[Dshield] DNS MX record block question

Keith Bergen keith at keithbergen.com
Sat Sep 6 21:47:14 GMT 2003

I don't understand the objection here.

All Roy is suggesting is that if he receives an email from xyz.com, that
domain has to have an MX record. He didn't suggest that the email actually
had to come from the server that controls that MX record.

Frankly, I think that every TLD should have an MX record available or you
shouldn't accept connections from it. How else would you send an email back
to them ... And frankly, what's the point of them sending you email except
for a) me to send one back, or b) they are trying to spam me.


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>  I said that one should absolutely
> block when the domain does not have a valid MX record because if you 
> are not a valid mail server, then why are you sending me mail?

Common misconception. Mail servers can send or receive, and it's common for 
larger operations (eg. ISP's) to put those functions on separate hosts. 
Only the receiver needs an MX record.

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