[Dshield] DNS MX record block question

CCN Micheal Patterson micheal at cancercare.net
Sun Sep 7 04:38:44 GMT 2003

All of this discussion is just taking up space and a lot of people are
apparently missing the entire point and everyone that IS missing the point
is dragging the RFC's into the equation to back up their opinion. Drop it.
Most of us know that if there is no MX that it goes to an alternate record
for delivery information.

Allow me to put this in the right perspective, what Roy said in his
message was basically this:

1. Roy runs a mail server.

2. I run a mail server.

3. Roy has asked about the validity of blocking mail based on missing MX
records in the senders domain.

It's simple people, he doesn't have to. There is NOTHING forcing him to
accept mail from anyone he chooses NOT to. If he want's to base that on
them not having a .org address, he doesn't have to. If he wants to base
that on them being in the US, he doesn't have to. Just as he doesn't have
to if they have no MX record in their domain, there is NO RFC broken, no
harm, no foul, nada. If he doesn't want to accept email from any domain
that doesn't have an MX record, he simply doesn't have to. That's his
decision to make, and he has every right on what he chooses to base that
decision on.


Micheal Patterson
Network Administration
Cancer Care Network

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