[Dshield] Blaster / Nachia Fightback Update OT

Daniels566@cs.com Daniels566 at cs.com
Sun Sep 7 13:14:14 GMT 2003

Been out of commision a bit ( got the real thing human type virus from my 
daughter) but looking through the mail I caught this. Since my wife belongs to 
50+ list groups and each has anywhere from 200 to 3000 members it makes for a 
large mailing list. Most use outlook and or yahoo. X that by each personal 
address book and considering that more then 2/3 of them got infected by so-big.
Whats been happening lately is she is getting a lot of return notifications 
that mail she sent has been detected to have contained the so-big virus. The 
problem is she has never sent any of this mail out. So either her addy is being 
forged and sent around or isp's must be pretty busy trying to sort things out? 

John Daniels

To misquote the president "it ain't over till I say it is".

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