[Dshield] Upsurge in SoBig?

John D. lists at webcrunchers.com
Mon Sep 8 00:34:06 GMT 2003

>I've seen a significant upsurge in apparent SoBig infected email since
>about 2:00am PDT.
>At 8:00 PDT, I've 145 "new" email filtered by procmail, all of which
>seem to be SoBig infected :-/

You'll see an upsurge on these as School is just starting, and students are returning from summer break.   Not all Universities have a strict policy on preventing students from connecting to the internet without getting their PC's dis-infected.   A ivytech.edu student was hammering our network with more then 1000 copies daily until i tracked it down and contacted their IT dept and brought it to their attention.   The mailings stopped soon afterwards.

Most students are totally unaware of this virus.


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