[Dshield] Blitznet?

Jeff Godin jeff at tcnet.org
Tue Sep 9 23:09:57 GMT 2003

On Tue, 9 Sep 2003, Tim Kroeger wrote:

> 14:36 03Sep09 from 123.456.9.178:23 123.456.13.185:3609 tcp BLITZNET
> 14:36 03Sep09 from 123.456.9.178:23 123.456.13.150:3609 tcp BLITZNET
> This is a dial-up user who was also infected with Nachi.  We were
> logging this at the same time we were seeing Nachi from the same user.

It would help if you could specify what program/script/etc generated the
above output. There are quite a few interesting tools out there, and it is
difficult to recognize the output of each and every one without some
additional hints. :)

> I have found very little on Blitznet.  Is this Blitznet?

Google turns up quite a bit of information on at least one, possibly two
candidates... impossible to tell how relevant they are without more
information in the way of context... see above.


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