[Dshield] Re: Way off Topic

Milo Milo145 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 10 02:39:41 GMT 2003

>Likely, a merchant you used got hacked, not Mastercard/Visa themselves.
>The standard procedure is to notify customers in these cases and hand
>out new credit cards, even before any fraudulent charges show up.

>For example, an e-tailer may find that their database got infected by
>Blaster. While blaster is not stealing credit cards, this may indicate
>that they had a problem with that system (it was vulnerable to dcom.c).
>If they are responsible, they assume that all cards in their database
>are stolen and notify the creditcard company.

>(on the other hand: They probably should not have kept the card numbers
>around in the first place. But sh*t happens)


    Thanx for the info, my provided (for lack of a better term) is Fleet.  I know this is an off the wall question but how do I go about finding out who really had the problem?
I called Fleet they pointed to MC/Visa and MC/Visa pointed to Fleet.  Kind of sounds like when one calls tech support of major software vendors they just point fingers but no one tells the truth and takes the blame.

Thanx, Paul

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