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Keith Bergen keith at keithbergen.com
Wed Sep 10 12:52:41 GMT 2003

I received the exact same mail back in early August. Then 
they sent me a new card, but it specifically said not to 
activate it until after a specific date. Then I got paperwork 
saying that my card provider had changed from the original 
provider to a new provider.

I don't know if the Mail and the purchase were related, but 
they seemed to be.

Also of note. The new company doesn't seem to be getting my 
payments in a timely fashion from the old company. They keep 
sending me letters, and I waste my time calling them back. To 
date, there hasn't been an actual problem with this, but it 
is an inconvenience.


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>Good Evening Everyone:
>    Sorry for the off topic question but has anyone heard 
anything about
>Master Card and/or Visa being hacked?  Today I received a 
snail mail from my
>credit card company that read as follows.
>    "We have been advised that an unauthorized party may 
have accessed some
>credit card account numbers.  While your "company name" card 
currently shows
>no fraudulent activity, this unauthorized access appears to 
involve credit
>cards from a number of leading credit card companies."
>    So I called my company and they said this came directly 
from Master Card
>and Visa, something about an e-mail circulating the reps 
said.  Then I
>called Master Card and Visa and they no nothing about it so 
I figured I'd
>post the question to the list.  Has anyone heard any info 
regarding Master
>Card and/or Vias being hacked?
>Thanx, Paul
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