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Shawn Berg shawn at saeweb.com
Wed Sep 10 13:51:23 GMT 2003

Cannot seem to find any info on this ShopSafe program by Visa. Would
particularly like to use it myself when purchasing online but couldn't find
it anywhere on their web site. Anyone else know where I might be able to
find this?


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There was a MAJOR hack back in February, maybe it has taken that long
for the credit card companies to get around to notifying people (they
don't like to tell people about these things).  I include the text of
an email about that hack below...  Also, let me mention that I use
VISAs ShopSafe, which is nice, it let's me generate  (on the net) a
unique credit card number for each transaction, and I can set a
maximum amount of money and a cutoff date.  This is great for
ordering things on the net...  I had a credit card get loose on the
net once, fortunately I caught it fast because I keep a close watch
on my credit card activity,at  that time some charges for about $15
or so appeared for some for some strange named business that turned
out to be porn shop in Australia (I live the the USA and don't buy
porn anyway)...  I suppose somebody was just testing out the card
before trying to buy something big...  I had to cancel that card and
get a new number.  VISA was fairly nice about it after I convinced
them that I had not made the purchase...  My impression at the time
was that VISA was not very concerned about my card number being used
without my consent...  I don't think they do enough to make the card
numbers secure...  They could set up credit card honey pot types of
things and catch the people who are doing this if they really wanted
to IMHO.
Wayne Jr

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Subject:Hacker accesses 2.2 million credit cards
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Hacker accesses 2.2 million credit cards
Visa: No accounts have been used fraudulently
>From Fred Katayama

NEW YORK (CNN) --A hacker has gained access to as many as 2.2 million
Visa and MasterCard accounts, the
two companies announced Monday.

The hacker breached the security system of a company that processes
credit card transactions on behalf of
merchants, Visa and MasterCard said.

None of the Visa accounts has been used fraudulently, Visa spokesman
John Abrams said.

The affected accounts make up about one-third of 1 percent of the 560
million MasterCard and Visa cards
in the United States. Spokesmen for the two companies said they have
notified the banks that issued the
affected cards.

Both card companies have zero-liability policies, which protect
cardholders from being held responsible
for unauthorized or fraudulent charges.

MasterCard and Visa would not disclose how many banks they had
notified, nor would they say whether the
hack was a regional or national problem.

Citizens Bank, a financial institution serving the Northeast, shut
down the accounts of 8,800 customers
whose card numbers had been accessed after being notified by
MasterCard on Friday, bank spokeswoman
Pamela Crawley said. All of those accounts were safe, she said.

CNN called several leading card issuers, but only one, First USA
Bank, returned calls for comment. Thomas
Kelly, a spokesman for its parent, BankOne, said FirstUSA's cards
were not affected and that the bank was
not aware of any security problems affecting its customers.

MasterCard said it is working with authorities, including the FBI, to
help identify the culprit.
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On Tue, 09 Sep 2003 22:17:59 -0400, Milo wrote:
>Good Evening Everyone:
>Sorry for the off topic question but has anyone heard anything
>Master Card and/or Visa being hacked?  Today I received a snail mail
>from my
>credit card company that read as follows.
>"We have been advised that an unauthorized party may have accessed
>credit card account numbers.  While your "company name" card
>currently shows
>no fraudulent activity, this unauthorized access appears to involve
>cards from a number of leading credit card companies."
>So I called my company and they said this came directly from Master
>and Visa, something about an e-mail circulating the reps said.  Then
>called Master Card and Visa and they no nothing about it so I
>figured I'd
>post the question to the list.  Has anyone heard any info regarding
>Card and/or Vias being hacked?
>Thanx, Paul
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