[Dshield] New Microsoft Windows RPC vulnerability

wbeckham wbeckham at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 10 17:33:42 GMT 2003

I got this from TruSecure.

Microsoft has released a security bulletin, MS 03-039 that addresses a
vulnerability in the RPC/DCOM, similar to that responsible for the MS
Blaster/Lovsan event.  In this case it may be possible to use Internet
services as an attack vector including port 80 traffic.  RPC over HTTP is a
protocol for using port 80 (destination) and ephemeral
(source) for performing RPC calls across the Internet. If enabled, clients
initiate a call to a port 80-based RPC server and receive the RPC
instructions over whatever source port they used.

This vulnerability could allow a remote user to execute arbitrary code under
the Local System privilege.

The Microsoft tool that can be used to scan a network for the presence of
either the MS 03-026 patch, may report inconsistent findings if the MS
03-039 patch has been installed.  However,  the MS 03-039 patch supercedes
the MS 03-026 patch, and should be used in lieu of the MS 03-026 patch.

While there are not yet exploits in the wild, proactively applying this
patch may prevent another Loosen type of worm outbreak.

Mitigating factors:
- - TruSecure's default-deny essential practice, of blocking all unnecessary
ports both inbound and outbound will help to mitigate an exploit of this

- - Applying the patch referenced in MS 03-039

- - Other mitigations and recommendations will be provided as TruSecure
learns more about the changing risk that this bulletin may impact.

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What exactly is the update. All Microsoft says is that it is 
a security update to a fault that would allow somebody to run 
code. I don't see anything there that explains what exactly 
they are patching.


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