[Dshield] Closing ports

Alan Frayer afrayer at frayernet.com
Wed Sep 10 21:23:19 GMT 2003

I understand that some processes, such as http, not only require their
own port (80 in this case), but ports in a range over 1023 for, shall we
say, housekeeping?

Documentation I read recently suggested these upper range ports can be
controlled by telling the firewall to handle them dynamically, where an
upper range port request returning with an expected port 80 reply is
given a brief hole to pass through. Fine.

But what if your firewall doesn't support dymanic port handling? What if
the firewall expects you to leave open that upper range for those
dynamic requests?

When replacing the firewall isn't an option because management doesn't
see or recognize a threat (and I'm more replaceable than the firewall),
how should one secure the ports over 1023 and still make the standard
services available to the employees?

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