[Dshield] Wired article on dealing with viruses and worms

Johannes Ullrich jullrich at euclidian.com
Thu Sep 11 22:13:25 GMT 2003

Let me wrap a response to several posts into one:

First of all: We didn't have it come up yet, but I would not
approve a post detailing an exploit for an as of yet unreleased
vulnerability. In my opinion, a vendor has to be at least
contacted and the vendor should be provided with sufficient time
to release a patch.

Other than that, I will approve most exploit code posted to this
list. We didn't have anything original posted so far, and in
particular once it has been released to another list, I am having
no problem with posting it here. 

However: I hardly ever verify code posted to the list. So run it
at your own risk ;-)

Regarding responsibility: I don't think complex software like
todays operating systems will ever be bug free. We are all 
falling victim to the mantra of general purpose computing. Maybe
'WebTV' is what we actually need.

Other than that: If you believe a certain vendor is providing a
defective product, switch. I am using Linux essentially exclusively 
for the last 2+ years without much issues. If you are a gamer, 
replace 'WebTV' for 'Sony Playstation' in the paragraph above.
Linux isn't secure either. But for myself it turned out to be
much easier to maintain. YMMV. But don't keep "whining and paying"
if you could whine without having to pay for it ;-)

Same about ISPs: My paper about port filtering could have as well
been entitled "Why should a home user pick an ISP who filters ports".
Have your $$$ decide which attitude survives. As long as people make
money by overcharging for buggy software, they will continue to do

/Note: this post reflects my personal opinions/

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