[Dshield] Most absurd

Keith Bergen keith at keithbergen.com
Fri Sep 12 14:46:42 GMT 2003

How about courses for companies that have trained IT 
departments that still get infected?

This article is very absurd. While I wish that more people 
were better educated on security, I more wish that companies 
make security patching easier. Instead of having 
a "temporary" antivirus package installed on your new 
computer, why not have a full-blown package that is 
automatically updated? Those that wish to could disable it if 
they were experienced enough to know how. Why can't we have 
an operating system that is installed securely with the 
firewall enabled and immediately protecting the computer?

Sure, these would limit the access to the systems, but the 
more advanced users would then be able to disable them. I'm 
not necessarily talking about installing things that aren't 
there already ... just enabling them.


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>Most absurd thing I've seen this week.  
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