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I appreciate where you are coming from...but

The World Wide Web is based on a free exchange of information.  Limiting that by regulation (via governement or private provider) is counter-intuitive (sort of like information socialism).

"When you set up a new account you get basic connectivity"  Thereby penalizing educated users?

"There would be some level of test" ( and fee)

You're right about going round and round though.  We clearly have different opinions on this one.  I suspect that what you're suggesting will eventually come to pass, and with it the free access to information we currently have.  Everything has a price, if ISPs or the government have license to regulate "how" you gain access to information then "what" you can access will surely follow.

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On Fri, 2003-09-12 at 10:00, Amy Roueche wrote:

> To summarize, the end user of a computer is responsible for data 

> safety the same way the driver of a car is responsible for passenger 

> security.

...and the State enforces that responsibility through licensing and inspection before the driver may legally drive. ('round and 'round we


It would seem to me that ISPs *could* enforce this sort of thing, fairly automatically. When you set up a new account you get basic connectivity: the ability to use a VPN, the ability to send and receive email via the ISP (but NOT directly) and the ability to surf the web (possibly via their proxy). You would have to take an online skills test to get fewer restrictions applied to your account. 

There would be some level of test ( and fee)  that would remove *all* restrictions - demonstrating, for example, that you understand firewalling and know how to configure it on your OS of choice.

If ISPs standardized methods for doing this, there could be a centralized testing service that would generate a "diploma" code that you could enter into your ISP profile to remove restrictions without taking another test. I don't have a problem proving my Admin Skillz to my ISP to get unfettered access, so long as they recognize that the world doesn't revolve around M$.

I would *really* like to see the major consumer broadband ISPs (Roadrunner, ComCast) do something like this.

The costs associated with providing this may, however, be prohibitive from the ISP's POV.


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