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I agree with what is being said on the posts.  The fact of the matter is (IMHO) that a novice, uneducated computer user on the internet is more dangerous than the driver of the car.  They may not be able to "kill" someone, but they certainly could "kill" a business, which in turn would put people out of work, which to some people would be worse than death. I still say that until we educate people they are not going to do anything about it. Unfortunately, it may take them becoming a victim of Internet Fraud before they are interested,  but I will keep trying!

>Ok,  I see where everyone is going with this and can empathsize.  The question needs to be at what point does the end user, or average consumer, or whatever you want to call them, take responsability for securing their own system.  This all has the ring of Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal .   At most, a warning on the case, would be appropriate.  That would be akin to the airbag or seatbelt warning in your car.  If the consumer is not taking it upon himself to become educated about what he's using then an infection is inevitable.  The same is true with the car analogy.  You can buy a car without knowing how to drive but to do so would be foolish.  Placing blame with hackers, or software developers, or ISPs (btw comcast provides 1 yr of McAfee free via a link on thier member services site.  Big banner.) doesn't make any sense.  To summarize,  the end user of a computer is responsible for data safety the same way the driver of a car is responsible for passenger security.  
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