[Dshield] Most absurd

mark rowlands mark.rowlands at mypost.se
Sat Sep 13 07:43:08 GMT 2003

> "...Dan Updegrove, the school's vice president for 
> information technology, is considering even more onerous 
> requirements. 
> 'A car has to pass an inspection, and a driver has to pass a 
> test,' he said. 'We need to be moving in the direction that 
> machines are certified in some ways and users are certified 
> in some ways...'" 

I have met a few users I thought required certifying  :-)

> On Fri, Sep 12, 2003 at 08:05:33AM -0600, Michael Johnson wrote:
> > Most absurd thing I've seen this week.  
> > http://www.msnbc.com/news/965202.asp?0cv=CB20
> OK, OK, so I was catching up on Politechbot and I may have 
> been infected by the Libertarian virus, but c'mon folks...
> Another law, another rule, another certification, another license?
> Mandatory training?
> Even recommended training?
> Not gonna work.
> uh.. it might work within a controllable organization like a 
> university or a business, but it ain't gonna work out in the 
> real world.


Or to summarise, there are palpable benefits to providing basic
computer training at work.

I suspect that there is "some" crossover between the
world" and the "real world" so I believe the general level of internet
stupidity can be reduced by providing training in these places. 

At one company where I worked, it was a requirement that before you
got near a computer, you spent a day training in both basic computing
and the corporate computer usage / ethical policy. You were required
after that to sign a bit of paper saying you understood both the
contents of the course, the reasons behind it and would comply both
with the intentions and letter of those regulations.  

We had a lot fewer "luser attitude adjustments" to make than in other
companies I have worked at and, it saved time and money.    

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