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John Sage jsage at finchhaven.com
Sat Sep 13 15:50:04 GMT 2003

OK: c'mon. The hyperbole is reaching extraordinary heights (or is it

On Fri, Sep 12, 2003 at 04:51:00PM -0500, haled at longlines.com wrote:
> I agree with what is being said on the posts.  The fact of the
> matter is (IMHO) that a novice, uneducated computer user on the
> internet is more dangerous than the driver of the car.  They may not
> be able to "kill" someone, but they certainly could "kill" a business,
> which in turn would put people out of work, which to some people would
> be worse than death. I still say that until we educate people they are
> not going to do anything about it. Unfortunately, it may take them
> becoming a victim of Internet Fraud before they are interested,  but I
> will keep trying!

"...a novice, uneducated computer user on the internet is more
dangerous than the driver of the car..." 


No, they will absolutely **not** kill anyone, nor will they **kill** a
business. Hasn't happened; never will. Businesses that go out of
business do so pretty much because of their owner's stupidity (see:
below..) in one form or another. (And yes: I've run my own businesses
at many different times in my life; just starting to do that again, at
age 56).

And, being put out of work is worse than death?


Speak for yourself. I've been "put out of work" (in fact I just quit a
job of 14 years duration) many times, and it's never been anything but
a new lease on life.

Face it: you will not outlaw/legislate/regulate stupidity out of

It's called natural selection. It manifests itself in many ways. And
the only problem with natural selection is that there are too many
safeguards put in place by Big Brother already that protect stupid
people from themselves.

- John
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