[Dshield] Incredible growth in spam this past month...

Jon R. Kibler Jon.Kibler at aset.com
Sun Sep 14 17:55:00 GMT 2003


For over 4 years, we have been building and maintaining a database of known spam sources. The growth of spam this past month has been just incredible, and our database size statistics give a good indication of how much spam has exploded.

Comparing the size of the database today (2003/09/14) to the same hour one month ago (2003/08/14), we have seen the database grow by 48%. The volume of spam email traffic has not grown quite as fast (thank goodness for small favors!), but is dramatically up. A couple of days last week, we reached the point where over 99% of all externally originated mail server connections were spam related -- either proxy server port scans or attempts to deliver spam.

The other disturbing trend: The mind-boggling insecurity of Academic computing networks. Its not just Universities either. We are seeing an ever expanding number of K-12 systems compromised -- especially in the U.S., Japan, and Korea. The most insecure Universities appear to be in the U.S., France, and Germany.

A final trend that I find disturbing: The number insecure Government computer networks. Especially troubling is that Egypt and Turkey appear to have MAJOR problems keeping their Government computer networks secure. If spammers can hijack these systems, what are terrorists capable of doing with these systems?

Just a few thoughts for this Sunday.

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