[Dshield] Secure FTP question

Keith Bergen keith at keithbergen.com
Tue Sep 16 16:54:43 GMT 2003

As always, scripting FTP with usernames and passwords is not really a good
idea, but we used to set it up on our Unix boxes using a file called
".ftpaccess". In that you would set the user name, password, and then any
commands that you wanted to do. When FTP would connect, it would
automatically execute those commands.

See if your FTP supports that kind of thing. I can email you an example
off-list if you like.


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I need to set up an automated job to move files every night between 2 win 2k
servers, one inside the trusted LAN, the other in the DMZ for a customer.  I
was thinking about some sort of Secure FTP but their budget is tight.  Does
anyone know of a GNU option working in that environment that I could use.
It will only need to be one way FTP as best as I can tell, from the trusted
to the DMZ, but you never know.  


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