[Dshield] Re: [Full-Disclosure] Verisign abusing .COM/.NET monopoly, BIND releases new

Brian Hatch full-disclosure at ifokr.org
Wed Sep 17 05:28:18 GMT 2003

> This is simply amazing, Verisign has just turned the .COM and .NET TLD
> DNS servers up-side-down for their own economical gain and, in doing so,
> disrupted network traffic for most of the Internet. Mail administrators
> who use any non-existant DNSBL to mark email as spam suddenly has all
> their mails deleted, people using localhost.localdomain.com on their
> servers for administrative purposes are scrambling to find out the cause
> of their problems and DNS problems arise everywhere as neg caching is
> essentially disabled and all DNS caches have to cache each and every
> randomly typed DNS query.
> The BIND patch that prevents this should be released Wednesday.

I hate to muck with a DNS server to fix this problem.  And since
I prefer DJBDNS, a BIND patch wouldn't do me any good anyway.

Is it always returning the same IP address, or have any other
noticable characteristics?  If so I'd think we could set up
a firewall rule to drop all DNS replies that contain the
Verisign-be-damned IP address.  That'd protect everything,
regardless of name server or method of access (using
host/nslookup/etc manually.)

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