[Dshield] Verisign abusing .COM/.NET monopoly, BIND releases new

Kenneth Porter shiva at sewingwitch.com
Wed Sep 17 06:33:29 GMT 2003

--On Tuesday, September 16, 2003 8:16 PM -0700 Thor Larholm <thor at pivx.com> 

> Earlier this year, a suburban Washington company called Paxfire Inc.
> tested a similar service for ".biz" and ".us" names, but the U.S.
> government and a private oversight board asked Paxfire to suspend it
> after a few weeks pending a review, Paxfire chairman Mark Lewyn said.

It should be noted that this problem is not new, just new to the .com/.net 
domains. The country code TLD's have had this in place for awhile. Now that 
it affects .com, a BIND patch will be forthcoming that can be used to 
disable the wildcard response from the country code TLD's.

Meanwhile, those using sendmail, SpamAssassin and other anti-spamware 
capable of checking DNS may be getting erroneous positive responses from 
long-dead RBL's (like ORBS) and mistakenly categorizing non-spam as spam. 
So double-check your spam folders for any false-positives.

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