[Dshield] New Verisign Policy

Keith Bergen keith at keithbergen.com
Wed Sep 17 14:55:24 GMT 2003

I am hoping that somebody can explain this to me. As I 
understand the new Verisign/Netsol policy, If you try to 
browse to a domain that doesn't exist, it will direct you to 
a server that (presumably) will capture the fact that you hit 
it, display some advertising, try and sell you the domain, 
erase your hard drive (Okay, I just made that one up).

My questions are twofold;

1. How does this affect a mis-type where you get the domain 
correct, but the page doesn't exist? For instance 

2. How does this affect Email? I saw some talk a while back 
about email and bouncing, but I didn't understand the effects 
that this change will have on it.

"Life is like an analogy"

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