[Dshield] Re: [Full-Disclosure] Re: Verisign abusing .COM/.NET monopoly, BIND releases new

Jonathan A. Zdziarski jonathan at nuclearelephant.com
Thu Sep 18 02:15:31 GMT 2003

It certainly wouldn't surprise me if somebody 0wn3d Verisign by now. 
Until a press release comes out I would act as if it's not going

On Wed, 2003-09-17 at 18:44, D. Ian Miller wrote:

> FYI ... looks like Verisign has pulled the wildcard A record as we have 
> not patched but invalid domain searches no longer go to verisign ... 
> sitefinder-idn.verisign.com is no longer responding to queries ... maybe 
> someone got the message ... wonder how they will explain this one ...

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