[Dshield] stand alone home-user firewall

Michael Leone loki at psu.edu
Thu Sep 18 03:31:04 GMT 2003

Running the risk of plugging your computer into an infected network grows 
increasingly large. That risk is exponentially higher on a college network. 
Cranking up syslogs and ethereal on the on-campus networks at Penn State 
and one finds virii and exploit scans at DDoS proportions.

My girlfriend is in the process of purchasing a new laptop to replace her 
ageing k62-500 (The k62 is going to find its new home as a FreeBSD web 
server). I most likely will install ZoneAlarm Pro on the machine, but she 
is not the most technically proficient being on this planet. Does there 
exist, a stand alone, external, plug-n-pray, home-user firewall. It needs a 
100mpbs WAN, a 100mbps LAN, MAC cloning, and be so that I can configure it, 
but it will work silently for her. (no pop-ups, alerts, etc.). And.... That 
has syslogs!

Something small she can plug between her computer and the rest of the 
network. oh yes, and cheap is a keyword too. Has to be cheap. ZoneAlarm 4 I 
have a legal license for already, but it would just be something extra that 
won't destroy the functionality of her computer and is plug and pray. Not 
something that I need to spend 4 weeks teaching to stop bitching about 
programs accessing the Internet.


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