was RE: [Dshield] more OpenSSH 'badness' now OT updating freebsd ports via cvsup

mark rowlands mark.rowlands at mypost.se
Thu Sep 18 08:41:15 GMT 2003

> I just got introduced to CVSUP. It seems nice.


> I reloaded my /usr/ports stuff, and they seem to be up-to-date (cvsup -g -L
> 2 /root/ports-supfile). Do I just need to wait until it is available?

can take time to percolate around the mirrors....., i updated at 6:30 from sweden and
got 3.6.1_3 which is per the advisory.
The Makefile should show 3.6.1 portrevision 3

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OpenSSH 3.7.1 just got released. It fixes additional overflows. So this
mornings patch session was just the dressed rehersal.

(This mornings version was 3.7p1. the most recent version as of this writing
is 3.7.1)

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