[Dshield] Re: Verisign abusing .COM/.NET monopoly, BIND

R Shady RShady at stny.rr.com
Thu Sep 18 10:55:46 GMT 2003

The Brits suggest their "VeriSlime" payback:
Excerpted from the "The Register".......

But there is a solution, perhaps mail servers should check to see if the 
sender domain for a particular piece of email resolves to the Ip above. 
If it does, forward the email to Verisign, any of the email addresses on 
this page should do :


If the email sender domain resolves to the bogus Verisign wildcard 
entry, then its only fair that the email gets forwarded back to them, as 
it’s obviously spam and it resolves to their address.

Read the rest here:


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