[Dshield] stand alone home-user firewall

Doug White doug at clickdoug.com
Thu Sep 18 12:42:35 GMT 2003

For a stand-alone appliance SonicWall comes very highly recommended, but it is
nowhere near being free.

Just make sure unneeded services are disabled, and virus definitions are kept
current, as well as ZoneAlarm (properly configured with mail safe.

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From: "Michael Leone" <loki at psu.edu>
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Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2003 10:31 PM
Subject: [Dshield] stand alone home-user firewall

| Running the risk of plugging your computer into an infected network grows
| increasingly large. That risk is exponentially higher on a college network.
| Cranking up syslogs and ethereal on the on-campus networks at Penn State
| and one finds virii and exploit scans at DDoS proportions.
| My girlfriend is in the process of purchasing a new laptop to replace her
| ageing k62-500 (The k62 is going to find its new home as a FreeBSD web
| server). I most likely will install ZoneAlarm Pro on the machine, but she
| is not the most technically proficient being on this planet. Does there
| exist, a stand alone, external, plug-n-pray, home-user firewall. It needs a
| 100mpbs WAN, a 100mbps LAN, MAC cloning, and be so that I can configure it,
| but it will work silently for her. (no pop-ups, alerts, etc.). And.... That
| has syslogs!
| Something small she can plug between her computer and the rest of the
| network. oh yes, and cheap is a keyword too. Has to be cheap. ZoneAlarm 4 I
| have a legal license for already, but it would just be something extra that
| won't destroy the functionality of her computer and is plug and pray. Not
| something that I need to spend 4 weeks teaching to stop bitching about
| programs accessing the Internet.
| Mike
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