[Dshield] stand alone home-user firewall

Carl Inglis wyrdrune at yoshiwara.org.uk
Thu Sep 18 12:47:17 GMT 2003

Quoting Michael Leone <loki at psu.edu>:

> exist, a stand alone, external, plug-n-pray, home-user firewall. It

If you're able to get your hands on a small, cheap, 2nd hand PC and a 
couple of 100Mb NIC's, then have you considered IPCop (GPL, and FOC) as a 
solution? Install it, configure it once, and then Robert is your mothers 
brother. (At home it runs on a PC with no keyboard and no monitor, so it 
does just look like an appliance sat there with a couple of flashing 
lights on).

To do the MAC address spoofing would be slightly more challenging, but I 
suspect a number of Linux sites would be able to assist?



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