[Dshield] Hosting Providers gaining most sites over the last 24 hours

Allan Liska allan at allan.org
Thu Sep 18 17:20:13 GMT 2003

On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, Keith Bergen wrote:

> I don't know if this is accurate, but it appears that Verisign is not losing
> much in the way of Internet domain names.
> http://uptime.netcraft.com/netmove/today

Actually, they are losing a significant amount every quarter.  The 
Netcraft survey measures the number of sites hosted in the Verisign 
netspace, but remember that Verisign does not do hosting.  In other words, 
Netcraft is only measuring parked domains.  

So, gaining 175 in a day, only means that 175 people registered a domain 
through them and did not get a chance to move it.

A better measure of Verisign's domain market share is the "State of the 
Domain" report.  According to the latest available numbers, published 1Q 
2003 for 4Q 2002, Verisign had a net loss of 314,336 domains:


(you may need to register in order to see that).

Allan Liska
allan at allan.org

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