[Dshield] It almost makes me weep...

mark rowlands mark.rowlands at mypost.se
Thu Sep 18 18:15:59 GMT 2003

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> ...for the good old days!
> (For those of you who may not get what I'm talking about, 
> this is essentially a -> NON-MICRO$OFT <- probe. This is what 
> we used to see a lot of, back before Micro$oft screwed up the 
> Internet).

What makes me weep is that this will still turn up a load of vulnerable
machines, a friend in the UK recently did a pen test of a largeish
and a webserver was running solaris with a very old vulnerability.
enough my friend only checked for that vulnerability because it popped
up recently
on full-disclosure. Whether that is a positive or negative ad for
or not, I am not entirely sure ;-)       

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