[Dshield] Hosting Providers gaining most sites over the last 24hours

Kane Wong kwong at cwalkergroup.com
Thu Sep 18 22:09:24 GMT 2003

Yes.  Usually, when I transferred my domain name from Network Solutions to
other registration company, I do it 2 weeks in advance before the expiry date
of domain name.

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On monday I began the transfer process from Network Solutions to GoDaddy at
around 10am. I received my final notification this morning at 7am confirming
that my Request was complete and my domains were no longer under the abusive
Verisign's control.

It took approximately 72 hours to complete my request. I would consider
myself in the initial group of people who transferred domains away from
Network Solutions.

Again I'd like to point out that netcraft's numbers are WAY off, but it does
look like the link proved by Allan Liska -- 
http://www.sotd.info/sotd/content/documents/SOTDQ103.pdf (registration
wasn't necessary when I downloaded it) looks to be right on. No wonder
Verisign went forward with this horrible decision. They lost over 300,000
domains in the past quarter alone, with GoDaddy the gain leader (290,000).
Verisign is looking at losing their title within a year. This action
probably hastened their demise.

Bjorn Stromberg
Mid-Continent Testing Laboratories, Inc.

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> > I don't know if this is accurate, but it appears that Verisign is not
> losing
> > much in the way of Internet domain names.
> Transfers take a few days often...

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