[Dshield] RE: Recent jump in Port 135 Targets in DShield Data

David Mehl dcm2002 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Sep 22 16:33:39 GMT 2003

Looking again at DShield's Port 135 Port Report, something is really up. Follow the link to:
Notice that the number of Reports is holding in the 11 to 12 Million range while the number of sources steady around 170 to 200 thousand. Before Yesterday the number of targets ranges of 200 to 300 thousand. Yesterday we had 875 thousand targets scanned, a five fold increase, and more than we saw at the peak of Blaster. And we are on track to have over a million targets scanned today. 
The scanning methods have changed. The same old addresses are pumping out aboput as many packets, but they are hitting far more targets. Something is afoot.

David Mehl
dcm2002 AT sbcglobal DOT net
Houston   Texas    USA

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