[Dshield] Internet Threat Head Up Display

Andy Cuff [talisker] offthecuff at lineone.net
Mon Sep 22 19:24:25 GMT 2003

dShield Members,
I'm looking for sites that display their analysis of the Internet security
threat as a level similar to US-CERT, ISS and Symantec as shown on this page
http://www.securitywizardry.com/radar.htm so that I can correlate them on
the same page.

Taking advantage of my sites independence, I have produced a web page alt
sourcing various information sources relating to Internet Security Threat.
I have received some favourable comment from those that have stumbled across
it so thought I'd offer it up to the community.  The page refreshes every 15
mins providing a near live display.  All elements on the page are dynamic
with the exception of the ISS and US-CERT threat levels.  I have asked that
they change their naming convention for the images to allow the dynamic
alt-sourcing.  Respect to Symantec who changed theirs within hours!

The page is at http://www.securitywizardry.com/radar.htm it looks best in IE
as I need to sort the table sizes for mozilla etc.  And yes I know the code
is ugly I'm not a webmaster.  Any constructive critiscm is gratefully

take care
Talisker Security Tools Directory

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