[Dshield] NMAP/Ethereal primer

Louis Hablas Lou.Hablas at rzim.org
Tue Sep 23 13:16:24 GMT 2003


I manage a Windows environment (W2K servers and W2K Pro desktops) with a
couple of Macs thrown in for good measure.  I keep everything patched and
use Trend ScanMail/ServerProtect/OfficeProtect to help protect as well as
ISA Server at the front door.  Yes, I know, ISA provides a bare minimum of
protection and I'm hoping to put a WatchGuard box in place as soon as we get
into the new budget year (beginning in Oct.).

With all of this said, I'm trying to gain a better understanding about the
deeper layers of my network and have installed NMAP and Ethereal (WIndows
versions).  Now I want to better understand how to use these tools most
effectively.  Can anybody point me to some good, laymen's terms documents?
I've looked at HELP in both cases, but I want to hear from the perspective
of the experts out there and particularly would like to hear about the
features I should focus on that will help me best understand...


Lou Hablas
Systems Manager
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

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