[Dshield] Fwd: ALERT: Your email has not been received by eBay. (KMM90984046V82225L0KM)

Keith Bergen keith at keithbergen.com
Tue Sep 23 13:19:43 GMT 2003

Well, here I was diligently reporting the problem to Ebay. 
Knowing how Outlook worked, I created a new message to 
spoof at ebay.com, and then attached the original message. This 
would allow them to view the original message intact. For 
those that use Outlook, if you simply forward the message, 
you get none of the useful header information.

Then I get this gem of a message back from them saying they 
will only accept the message as a forward, and that they 
don't want it altered any way. I think this is rediculous. If 
I simply forward it, it will be altered! The way that I sent 
it was unaltered.

It's no wonder that people can easily dupe the Ebay customers 
when Ebay does little to help them.

Oh yeah, they also provide a web interface for submitting the 
problem email. How are you supposed to paste a graphical 
message into a text box? And if you pasted the source, then 
they wouldn't have the graphical image that contains the 
original message?


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